Many films never had soundtracks released. With a little luck they may have had a couple of tunes on an EP or a 45 back in the 60s, but that only makes them harder to find now. Recent CD collections have included some of these treasures and of course there are always the used bins... (Please don't hesitate to get in touch if you have information about something that should be included here.)

"Come Spy With Us from ACE Records in the U.K. is a fantastic 25 track compilation CD with a nice selection of original themes and covers from 60's spy flicks. Included are some fairly obscure singles like "Dr Goldfoot And The Bikini Machine" by The Supremes and "Where The Bullets Fly" by Susan Maughan. Also some single versions that are different than the LP versions like The Liquidator by Shirley Bassey. A great booklet too! Don't miss this one!

"It Takes A Thief" (1968-70) starred Robert Wagner as Alexander Mundy. The theme by Dave Grusin is fantastic, but was only released on 45. Unfortunately, it is not the cool version from the show. It has a sort of 70's feel that doesn't quite cut it. However, the B-side has a version of Name Of The Game that is quite good! The pilot episode, "Thief" had a different theme by Benny Carter which can be found on one of the T.V. Tunes CDs: "Television's Greatest Hits, Vol.5: In Living Color". Luckily it is not one of the abbreviated or synthesized versions the TV Tunes collections are known for.

The only tune released for the Dean Martin film, "The Ambushers" (1967) was on the B-side of this 45 from Boyce and Hart and can also be found on Boyce and Hart CD collections.

The theme to "Operation Lady Chaplin" (1966). was performed by Bobby Solo, the "Italian Elvis" and had only been released on 45 in Europe and Brazil. A complete score CD has been released, but minus the theme.

Before he was James Bond, David Niven played Harry Love in "Where The Spies Are" (1965). The title theme and one other track with some groovy organ work by Jimmy Smith are included on this 2 CD Mario Nasciembene anthology.

When he was James Bond in "Casino Royale" (1967) (the funny one), the theme actually had words. The vocal version performed by Mike Redway can be heard over the closing credits. A very difficult to find 45 (different from the film version) was available at the time. It can be found as a bonus track on the Quartet label's 2021 50th Anniversary release of the score.

"Deadlier Than The Male" (1966) brought Bulldog Drummond into the 60's as a secret agent with a dynamite title theme performed by Scott Walker of the Walker Brothers (on several compilation CDs).

Malcolm Lockyer did the score, but as far as I know only a 45 of "The Drummond Theme" ever surfaced.

"Some Girls Do" (1969), was the sequel with a theme performed by Lee Vanderbilt (sounding a lot like Johnny Mathis). This one is harder to find. Only a 45 as far as I know.

"The Second Best Secret Agent In The Whole Wide World" (1965) sung by Sammy Davis Jr. was only available on a very rare promotional Reprise 45 (or so I thought), but this 7 inch is evidence to the contrary. However it is a slightly different recording and possibly an alternate take. More recently the tune was included on this compilation CD titled, "Where Is Love". which is also slightly different and I think is yet another rejected alternate take. The promo 45 seems to be the same as in the film.

A Japanese 45 was released with an instrumental of the "Main Theme" and "Charles Vine's theme" (just the main theme played slower) on the B-side.

The theme to the sequel, "Where the Bullets Fly" (1966), sung by Susan Maughan can be found on this Susan Maughan collection. A third film in this series titled "OK Yevtushenko" (1968) (aka Somebody's Stolen Our Russian Spy) was scored by Ángel Arteaga, but no recordings as far as I know.

The score for "Maroc 7" (1967) was written by Kenneth V. Jones, but some party music and the tune "Maroc 7" were done by Paul Ferris . It's a great tune, but unfortunately, no releases as far as I know. Several Shadows collections however have their cover version of Maroc 7, which is not bad.

"Our Man From R.O.M.E." is a collection of music from Italian spy and crime soundtracks already available with one exception. The vocal of the title theme to "Upperseven" (1965) performed by Betty Curtis for the film has been lost. It's not even included on the Upperseven soundtrack. The producers of the CD took one of Bruno Nicolai's instrumental tracks and had singer Sabina Montes re-do the vocals. Exquisite!

"Spy Magazine Presents Spy Music Vol. 1" Is a fantastic Compilation on the Rhino label. You get some hard to find titles like "Come Spy With Me" (1967) from the Troy Donahue film performed by Smokey Robinson And The Miracles, the single version of "The Silencers" (1966) by Vicci Carr, "The Last Of The Secret Agents" (1966) by Nancy Sinatra, and even Barbara Feldon's "99". Other titles are more common, but well worth having. Unfortunately, the other two discs in their Spy Music series are not film themes or remotely spy related.

Roma Rave Up is a collection of 60's Italian rock singles and includes "Cupidation" by The Bumpers which was the theme to one of the Stuart Granger spy flicks, "Target For Killing" (1966).

If we reach into the 70's a little we find John Barry's theme to "The Persuaders" (1971-72) starring Roger Moore and Tony Curtis on LP and CD.

Another John Barry theme, "The Adventurer" (1972-73) which starred Gene Barry yet again as a rich guy having adventures can be found on this CD collection, "The Best Of John Barry" along with "Orson Welles' Great Mysteries". (Not a spy show, but you might want it anyway.)